Developmental Milestones for Children 2-3 years of age

2-3 years of age

  • Strings four large beads
  •  Snips with scissors
  •  Holds crayon with thumb and fingers (not fist)
  •  Imitates circular, vertical, horizontal strokes
  • Draws with some wrist action
  • May begin cooperative play
  • Begins to use symbols in their play such as a stick becoming a sword




Developmental Milestones for Children 3-4 years of age

3-4 years of age

  • Builds tower of nine small blocks
  • Copies circle, imitates cross
  • Begins to establish a dominant hand
  • Uses non dominant hand to assist and stabilize the use of objects (ex. holding the paper during coloring)
  • Cuts paper in half using scissors
  • Takes turns with other children (can be with assistance)
  • Plays cooperatively with 2 or 3 children in a group (can be with assistance)
  • Play themes expand beyond personal experience (e.g. fireman rescuing people, princess, etc...)




Developmental Milestones for Children 4-5 years of age

4-5 years of age

  • Cuts on line continuously
  • Able to cut out a circle and square while staying within 1/2 inch of the line
  • Copies cross, square
  • Writes name, copies upper case letters
  • Copies numbers 1-5
  • Handedness well established
  • Dresses and undresses independently
  • Begins taking turns and negotiating with peers independently
  • Usually prefers playing with other children than playing by themselves
  • Plays imaginatively (e.g. dressing up, cooking) 
  • Able to sit in circle time for 10-15 minutes independently



By the time your child enters Kindergarten, they should be able to:

  • Write their name (first and last) and 80-100% of all upper case letters
  • Write their numbers 1-9, at the very least 
  • Cut out a circle and square
  • Display an appropriate pencil grasp (tripod or emerging tripod)
  • Able to sit in circle time for 15-20 minutes independently
  • Independent in all self help tasks (shoes (on/off), bathroom, etc...)